We are Great Commission individuals and ministries that promote and support the starting of new churches throughout the northeastern United States.

Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird observed that the one real church planting movement the United States ever experienced occurred “because the biltz of church planting had no central hub”. (Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters become Movement Makers, p. 50). The First and Second Great Awakenings brought about an unparalleled disciple-making movement that resulted in a sweeping church-starting movement. 

Consequently, we don’t wish to centralize, control, or limit the starting of churches in any way. Instead, we want to play a synergizing role in such a movement occurring again. We desire to see a broad range of disciple-making/church multiplication efforts across the northeast. As a result, we are providing training, networking, and next step opportunities for those considering church planting. 

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